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Broadway Parks

Broadway has two beautiful parks available to town residents, and the public; Heritage Park and Broadway Community Park. Heritage Park is located along Turner Avenue, right off of Route 42, while Broadway Community Park is located at the end of Turner Avenue along Route 617. These parks provide a place for sports, swimming, family fun, and recreation. Both parks have several facilities available to rent, as well as a community center, which is great for parties and events. Park hours begin 1/2 hour before sunrise and end 1/2 hour after sunset.

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Shelter & Facility

Reservation Rates

Community Park

Small Shelter
8 Tables/Seats 64 People
$ 20.00
Located near Tball Field
Small Shelter
8 Tables/Seats 64 People
$ 20.00
Located near Minor Field
Large Shelter
14 Tables/Seats 112 People
$ 30.00
Has Electricity & Fireplace

Add a ballfield to any Community Park Shelter rental for only $10.00

Heritage Park

Small Shelter
8 Tables/Seats 64 People
$ 30.00
Located at Park Entrance

All Grounds Reservations

Community Park
All Shelters & Ballfields
$ 1.00* Per Person
250 Person Maximum

Community Center

First Hour
$ 25.00
Each Additional Hour
$ 15.00

Want to Make a Shelter Reservation?

To make reservations, payments, or to ask questions regarding the community center, shelters, ballfields, or park grounds, please call us at (540) 896-5152 or email us at info@town.broadway.va.us.

Make a Park Reservation

Rules of the
Broadway Parks
  • Park in designated areas ONLY.
  • Vehicles must be kept on parking area at all times (Vehicles are prohibited on the northern side of Heritage Park adjacent to the softball field).
  • Household and/or commercial garbage dumping is prohibited.
  • Dogs and/or domestic animals must be kept on a leash and picked up after.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • Cursing, abusive language, offensive behavior, smoking by minors, and improper driving is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized possession of firearms or weapons is prohibited.
  • Skateboards are prohibited on the trail and parking lot.
  • Removal of any Town property is prohibited.