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Broadway Community Pool

The Town of Broadway Community Swimming Pool is located at the Broadway Community Park, located right off of Route 42 at the end of Turner Avenue. The town pool is a great place for family and friends to spend a few hours or all day during the hot summer months. Season passes are available for children 5 and over. The pool also includes concession area full of yummy snacks and treats, which makes it a great location for your next party or special event.

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Community Pool

Rates & Season Passes

Daily Admission Rates

Ages 0 - 4
Ages 5 - 12
$ 2.50
After 5:00 PM - $ 1.25
Ages 13 & Older
$ 3.50
After 5:00 PM - $ 1.75

Season Passes

Family Pass
Family of 4
$ 195.00
Each additional child - $ 20.00
Ages 5 - 12
$ 65.00
Ages 13 & Older
$ 90.00

Interested in Season Passes?

If you and your family frequent the Broadway pool reguarly you can save money by purchasing a season pass. To obtain a season pass simple download the membership application and return the signed copy with your payment..

Download Membership Application

Community Pool
Parties & Agreement

Pool Parties - 2 Hour Max

Up to 50
$ 125.00
51 - 75
$ 150.00
75 or More
$ 200.00

Storm IconInclement Weather Policy

Inclement weather may result in cancellation of parties and a refund of deposit. This decision will be at the discretion of pool management.


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Pool Party

All reserving parties will be required to sign an agreement with the pool management at the time of reservation and pay a $50.00 deposit. The agreement is binding and individuals reserving the pool for a party will be required to pay the balance of the guest agreement on the date of the party. (Example: If the agreement states party attendance will be 51-75 guests and only 49 guests attend, reserving party will be responsible to pay the number of guests noted at the time of signing the reservation agreement - $150.00 less the $50.00 deposit.)

Rules of the

Community Pool

  • Any action compromising safety to facility users is prohibited.
  • A parent or responsible adult must accompany all children age 13 and under. Parents are expected to be in reasonable proximity to children at all times.
  • Parent or responsible adult must supervise children using wading pool.
  • Persons are not permitted to catch children using the diving board.
  • No running, rough play or excessive noise in pool area, showers or dressing rooms.
  • One person on the diving board at a time; wait for diving aread to clear before diving.
  • No diving in water under 3'.
  • No back dives from deck.
  • No animals allowed in the fenced area (exception of visual aid dogs).
  • No chairs permitted in the walkway.
  • No smoking anywhere inside fenced area.
  • No spitting.
  • No skateboards, scooters or bicycles are permitted beyond the pool entry gate.
  • No athletic equipment should be thrown, bounced or rolled beyond the pool entry gate.