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Broadway Town Budget

The Town budget is prepared annually by the Broadway Town Manager, and is presented to the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee chooses to approve or make suggested modifications to the budget. The final budget approved by the Finance Committee is then submitted to the Town Council for approval. Below you’ll find the budget numbers for the 2021 calendar year. If you have questions regarding the budget, please contact the town office.

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Fiscal Year 2021 Budget

Town Revenue

General Fund
$ 2,271,900.00
Water fund
$ 879,200.00
Sewer Fund
$ 3,849,000.00
Total Revenue
$ 7,000,100.00

Town Expenditures

$ 620,700.00
Public Safety
$ 610,000.00
Highways & Streets
$ 630,500.00
Parks & Recreation
$ 182,300.00
$ 200,000.00
Debt Service
$ 28,400.00
Water Fund
$ 879,200.00
Sewer Fund
$ 3,849,000.00
Total Expenditures
$ 7,000,100.00
Committee Members
Timothy Proctor Graphic

Timothy S. Proctor


First Elected: 1995

Richard Fulk Graphic

Richard E. Fulk

Vice Mayor

First Elected: 2007

Douglas Harpine Graphic

Douglas W. Harpine


First Elected: 2011

Chad Comer Graphic

Chad Comer


First Elected: 2011