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The Town of Broadway

The Town of Broadway offers some of the lowest real estate and personal property taxes in Rockingham County, which is another reason why the Town of Broadway is such an excellent place to live, when compared to neighboring towns. Residents of towns located in Rockingham County are assessed a town tax in addition to Rockingham County real estate and personal property taxes. Broadway's town taxes are billed annually and are due December 5th each year. If you have questions regarding the Town of Broadway's real estate or personal property taxes, please contact the Broadway Town Office.

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Current Local

Tax Rates

Local Tax Rates

Real Estate
Rockingham Co.
$ 0.68
$ 0.07
Personal Property
Rockingham Co.
$ 2.85
$ 0.51
Machinery / Tools
Rockingham Co.
$ 2.55
$ 0.40

Paying County and Town Taxes

Towns and counties provide different services. The majority of County tax money goes towards funding the school system. The County also provides fire and rescue services, the court system, landfill, dispatching services, health and welfare benefits, and many other services enjoyed by Town citizens. So you are not paying double taxes, you are just buying services from two separate providers.

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