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Resident Voting in

The Town of Broadway

Voting is an excellent way for residents in Broadway to make their voices heard and register their opinions on how they feel government should operate. Town of Broadway residents have the opportunity to vote in local, county, state and general elections. Below you’ll find additional helpful information regarding registering to vote, voting districts and polling places. If you have any questions regarding voting procedures in the Town of Broadway please contact the town office.

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How to

Register to Vote

Registering to Vote

Town residents can register to vote using of of three methods:

  • By Mail: Applications can be obtained by calling the Registrar's Office at (540) 564-3055.
  • In Person: At the Registrar's office (contact info and directions below), DMV locations, Valley Mall (Harrisonburg), or Social Services agencies.
  • Online: The easiest way to register is by visiting the Virginia Department of Elections website, and completing the application online.

Registration Deadlines

Voter registration closes at 5pm:

  • Twenty-nine (29) days prior to a primary or general election.
  • Seven (7) days prior to a special election called by the Governor.
  • Fourteen (14) days prior to any other special election.

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Register to Vote!

By visiting the Virginia Department of Elections website you can quickly and easily register to vote. If you are already registered to vote you can create an account online to access your Virginia voter record, update registration, apply to vote absentee, and view your voter-related information. Click below to start your online application.

Register to Vote Online

US Senate & Congress
Mark Warner Graphic

Mark Warner

US Senator

First Elected: 2009

Current Term Expires: 2020

Tim Kaine Graphic

Tim Kaine

US Senator

First Elected: 2013

Current Term Expires: 2025

Ben Cline Graphic

Ben Cline

US Congressman

First Elected: 2019

Current Term Expires: 2021

VA Governor, Senate & House
Ralph Northam Graphic

Ralph Northam


First Elected: 2018

Current Term Expires: 2022

Mark Obenshain Graphic

Mark Obenshain

VA Senator

First Elected: 2004

Current Term Expires: 2020

Tony Wilt Graphic

Tony Wilt

VA House Rep

First Elected: 2010

Current Term Expires: 2019

Voting Districts &
Polling Places

Polling Place: The polling place is the Broadway Fire Department open from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM on election days.

Voting Districts: The Town of Broadway is located in the following voting districts:

  • Virginia Senate - 26th district
  • Virginia House - 26th district
  • U.S. Congress - 6th district